Friday, July 2, 2010

Signing off for a few days

I did get a lot of work done this week.  However, I am still behind.  We are having our floors redone and Dear wants to tear off all of the plaster in the living, dining, front entry, office, and possibly the stairs before the floor guy comes on Tuesday.  I hope we get enough helpers because I am a little concerned we will not get it all done.  When dear was in Iraq I did a similar project in our bedroom.  It took a long time.  I carried plaster down the stairs in 2 five gallon buckets.  It was heavy, hot, work.  I like doing it, though.  Even more exciting, we rented a 5th wheel camper for the week. 

  Well, my computer is is the office and we may move it to where it can still be used, but if not, I will be offline for about 10 days. 

For those waiting for fleece, I will be working dilligently on them those 10 days.  I want to get them all done before we move back in.