Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making soap

I am in the process of making soap. The first step is rendering the lard. I cut up 28 pounds of lard (I have 16 more to go) and put it in pots to liquify. I cooked it util most of the water was gone and then I strained it and put the lard in buckets with ice water to rapidly cool it and clarify it further. After it solidified, I melted it again and cooked it until the thermometer read 225 degrees F. Here are a few photos of the process.

Hand-dyed singles

These hand dyed silk and wool blend singles are available for $8 a skein, the small skein is $4. The lot can be purchased for $30.

Merino hand spun

These skeins of 100% hand spun, two-ply, merino are available for $22 each or $90 for the whole pound.

New Handspun Alpaca

These 100% alpaca yarn singles are available for $16 a skein plus shipping.