Friday, March 6, 2009

Kanga and retracted tendons

Kanga is a recently aquired ewe lamb. We were unsure what was wrong with her and instead of put her down I agreed to take her. We had the vet come out and he knew almost instantly she has retracted tendons or something like it. We are giving her a long acting tetracycline to help relax her tendons while we stretch them out. To better care for her we have her in the house with us. It is a lot like having a baby again. She cries (maaa) and gets up and pees so we go clean up her towels, she cries louder so we go get her a bottle. We have to constantly watch her to be sure she does not get into trouble. We keep her away from cords because she will chew them and we give her little bits of lettuce to munch on so she is occupied. She also has my stinky barn boots on a mat right next to her to comfort her and she is constantly nibbling the laces.

She is showing some imrovement and the vet thinks she will be fine in 10 days.