Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Favorite IPhone Apps

Since getting this little gadget, I have acquired a few apps that have made things simpler for me.  Normally technology adds another layer of work for me, but this has not.
My top 3 favorite apps are :

Lose It!

With lose it, you set up a weight loss goal (if you have one) and it sets your calorie budget for the day.  You then log what you eat.  I have tried other things (a notebook, Spark) but this program is unique in that I have my phone everywhere I go.  I don't have to log things in a notebook and then hunt for the book, I don't have to remember things I ate for when I get to log onto Spark.  This app also keeps all of the foods I log in a different food search area so I do not have to search all over for foods I regularly eat.  It will also store whole meals that I like to have.  For example, most of the time I either have and egg and toast with some butter on it with my sweet and creamy coffee or I have a bagel with cream cheese with my sweet and creamy coffee.  I don't have to enter each food, I can just pick the breakfast I normally have and it logs all of the elements for me.   Another thing it does is log my exercise. 
I think my favorite thing about this app is its ease of use.  If it is a hassle or even a little bit of a nuisance, I will eventually stop doing it, but this is so simple. 
Lose it! is a free app that I would pay for.  After using it for a while, I see its value. 

My other fitness /  diet app that I love is from Nike

Nike Training Club is an app geared towards women, but I have no idea why.  It has great workouts.  I often watch Biggest Loser and wish I knew how to do circuit training.  I know how to run, I can bike, and I know how to lift weights the right way, but circuit training has escaped me.  This app has a lot of workouts to choose from and they are as difficult as you are willing to make them.  I am very pleased.  They are not boring, they do not have crappy music, you can actually use your own music you have stored on your iPhone.  You can do these workouts anywhere and most of them only require your willing body, no extra equipment.  Again, this makes staying fit / getting fit super simple.  I take my phone everywhere.  If I am at a hotel, I have a workout with me, if I am at my mom's, I have a workout with me. This is another free app that I would pay for.

And... Last, but another favorite, is Stitch Minder

Stitch minder is great for my knitting.  I am currently knitting an Alice Starmore Celtic sweater and this app has been invaluable.  It marks the number of rows I have completed, the pattern row I am on, the number of pattern repeats I have done, and the number of increase rows.  Now, the one thing I wish they would do is allow you to edit the names of fields and add some fields.  The sweater I am working on has charts A,B,C,D,and E.  So, I would like to be able to label one of the fields Chart C and mark the row I am on on that chart because it is different than the row I am on with Chart B and A.  Right now, I use the other fields to mark this, but if I could change the titles of the fields it would be much easier.  Other than that, this is another free app that I would pay for.  Without the added functionality, though, I would only pay $1.99.

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